Cuteness alert: Puppy accompanies teen’s piano performance


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Performing in front of an audience is intimidating. Luckily for 14-year-old Eli Dykes, when he takes a seat at the piano bench he has a little help from a friend.

Eli has played the piano for eight years and has performed in state-level competitions. But it wasn’t until a month ago, he had someone to accompany him.

That someone is Lovey, a 10-week-old Pointer/Spaniel mix that is currently up for adoption.

Eli’s family fosters dogs from the South Charlotte Dog Rescue. About a month ago, they took in three foster puppies, including Lovey.

“We fostered three of the five litter and they all used to sing together,” Eli’s mother, Kimberly Dykes says. “I have three dogs myself and they were the first ones ever to contribute.”

Kimberly says that if Eli started playing, Lovey and her siblings started singing.

“The first time we just laughed because he would stop playing and they would stop howling,” Kimberly says. “High notes, low notes, it didn’t matter.”

The doggy duet was surprising for the family because Lovey and her siblings weren’t big barkers. But even when the pups were outside, if they heard Eli begin to practice piano, they couldn’t help but join in.

“I used to tease Eli saying that the dogs were howling at him playing, but now that I look at the video, she really is singing along,” Kimberly says.
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