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Yamaha NU1 Hybrid Piano

Yamaha's "Hybrid Pianos" are the most innovative pianos that any manufacturer has introduced in decades. Consisting of 4 models, from uprights to grands, these are the only pianos on the market using digitally sampled sound (no tuning required) with a real Yamaha acoustic piano action.

The NU1 model is Yamaha's most reasonably priced hybrid piano in a beautiful ebony polish upright cabinet. The digital sampling provides authentic piano voices (including both Yamaha and Bösendorfer concert grand samples) without the need for tuning. The acoustic piano action provides a real piano feel, not simulated like all other digital pianos.

This is a new category of musical instrument created and developed by the musicians and engineers at Yamaha, now consisting of a full line of upright and baby grand cabinets and actions.

Models & Key Features

  • Model NU1
  • Hybrid Piano
  • Ebony Polish Finish
  • Acoustic Upright Piano Action
  • Upright Case
  • Full 88 Keys
  • 5 Digitally Sampled Voices
  • Built-in Record
  • 3 Functional Pedals
  • 5-Year Parts and Labor Warranty Incl
  • Bench Incl
  • Free Evaluation Lesson Incl