The latest advances in acoustic modeling technology and key weighting to create the most realistic piano playing experience in both touch, tone and speaker acoustics.

Roland Digital Pianos - SuperNATURAL Sound Modeling Technology

In the line up of Roland Digital Pianos, the HP504 model is the most reasonably priced that also offers enhanced SuperNATURAL sound modeling technology for more realistic sound and playing experience than is possible with sampled sound. This model has recently been replaced by the HP601 - See "Premium Digitals".

From the beginner developing their technique to the advance player looking for the best response, this model is equipped with Roland's PHA-4 Action with escapement and ivory feel keys.

Individual note voicing allows for the piano to be custom tailored to the type of sound the pianist desires. The innovative Headphones 3D Ambiance effect allows for an amazing tonal experience during practice sessions.

Use iOS piano apps like Piano Partner app and Air Performance app to further enhance the performance and learning capabilities of this instrument.

This is a great piano for a beginner or more advanced player that is looking for a very high quality piano-playing experience in a lower price point than is possible with an acoustic instrument. 

Below are HP504 pianos used at the Lang Lang 101 Piano Concert at the Tilles Center in Long Island, NY.

This piano also includes a matching bench, 5 year warranty and a free instroductory lesson with one of our qualified instructors.

Models & Key Features

  • Model HP504
  • 88 Note Digital Piano
  • Ebony Satin and Rosewood Finishes
  • SuperNATURAL Sound Modeling
  • PHA-4 Action with Escapement
  • Ivory Feel Keys
  • Headphones 3D Ambiance
  • iOS App Compatible
  • Headphones Kit Included
  • Duet Music Storage Bench Included
  • 5 Year Warranty Included
  • Free Introductory Lesson Included