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Yamaha Clavinova Digital Grand - CLP665GP Mini Grand Piano

The Yamaha Clavinova Digital Grand is designed for the person desiring the baby grand look and experience in the home or studio, without the big size and expense of an acoustic grand piano.

The CLP665GP Clavinova offers both the binaurally sampled Yamaha CFX Concert Grand and the Bösendorfer Imperial Concert Grand sound samples. With Yamaha's exclusive bi-amped speaker system with "Speaker Box", this creates a powerful, clear grand piano sound. A graded, hammer-weighted action completes the playing experience as if performing on a traditional acoustic grand piano. 

Other features of this mini-grand include Bluetooth for connecting a music player for playing along with favorite tunes. The built-in song recorder/USB allows CD-quality recordings for storing and sharing performances. Headphones set the stage for a totally immersive and private playing experience.

In 1983 Yamaha introduced the world's first digital piano - the Clavinova, or "New Piano". Over the next three and a half decades, the Clavinova has been continually improved and remains to this day the absolute standard in digital pianos. Due to many factors including tone, touch, design and reliability, the Yamaha Clavinova is the dominant player by far in terms of quality, value and market share - it remains by far the best selling digital piano in America.


Models & Key Features

  • Model CLP665GP - Digital Grand Piano
  • Ebony Polish and Snow White Polish Finishes
  • 88 Keys with 256 Note Polyphony
  • 36 Digitally-sampled Sounds
  • Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial Concert Grand Samples
  • 372 Demo, Classic and Lesson Songs
  • 16-Track Song Recorder
  • USB and Bluetooth
  • GH3X Graded Hammer Action 3X
  • Synthetic Ebony and Ivory Key Tops
  • Escapement Action
  • Speaker Box Custom Sound System
  • Matching Bench Included
  • 5 Year Parts and Labor Warranty Included
  • Free Introductory Lesson Included