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CLP565GP Mini-grand Clavinova

Experience the sheer beauty of a baby grand piano in your living room with this 88-note Yamaha Clavinova Digital Grand. Enjoy incredible piano sound, touch and experience without the space requirements, maintenance or cost of an acoustic grand.

This piano features samples from the two greatest instruments made - the Yamaha CFX concert grand and the Boesendorfer Imperial concert grand. The custom-designed sound system provides incredible fidelity and the graded hammer action mimics precisely the feel of an acoustic grand piano.

It is smaller in size than a traditional baby grand and the 34 on-board sounds make it much more engaging for the entire family. There is no tuning or maintenance cost and the up-front cost is half of its equivalent acoustic baby grand.

Models & Key Features

  • Clavinova Mini-grand
  • 88-note Digital Piano
  • 34 Digitally-sampled Sounds
  • GH3X Graded Hammer Action
  • Synthetic Ivory Key Tops
  • Escapement Action
  • Custom Sound System
  • Ebony Polish Case
  • Bench Included