The latest advances in acoustic modeling technology and key weighting to create the most realistic piano playing experience in both touch, tone and speaker acoustics.

Roland Digital Uprights - Professional Sound In Elegant Upright Cabinetry

Roland Digital Uprights are professional quality pianos with the flagship LX17 leading the way. The models in the line-up both include premium amplifiers and powerful speakers in special cabinet enclosures for a sound that is simply unequaled.

This brand new premium upright digital piano line is comprised of two models, both with gorgeous cabinets with elegant designs and classic lines. The LX17 is Roland's tallest upright piano with the traditional look of a beautiful upright piano. The LX7 is its slightly smaller cousin.

Both instruments incorporate the latest SuperNATURAL piano modeling technology for the truest piano sound. A new hybrid keyboard that blends wood and molded materials for great feel and durability. Connect your smart phone or tablet via Bluetooth technology and use apps to make learning easy. Experience optimized audio sound through headphones with Headphones 3D Ambience. 

Inside the elegant cabinet design is an Acoustic Projection Speaker System producing a richer, higher fidelity sound. The LX17 differs from the smaller LX7 with an even fuller, richer sound due to an 8 speaker audio system.


Models & Key Features

  • Model LX17 (shown)
  • Model LX7
  • Ebony Satin, Ebony Polish, Walnut Satin and Snow White Polish Finishes
  • Unlimited Polyphony for Piano Sounds
  • 307 Instrument Sounds
  • 363 Built-in Songs
  • Acoustic Projection Speaker System with 8 Speakers (LX17)
  • 25 Custom Registrations
  • PHA50 Escapement Action
  • Record Capability
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • 10 Year Parts and Labor Warranty
  • Premium Bench Pack w/ Headphones
  • Free Trial Lesson Included