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Yamaha Disklavier DGC1

The Yamaha Disklavier is the most advanced and reliable player grand piano made today. In the Disklavier line, the DGC1 comes with all of the great play back capabilities that Disklavier offers, plus the ability to play quietly through headphones!

The piano and player mechanism is factory installed for perfect functionality for years to come. Enjoy live piano music in your home, along with live-streaming Disklavier radio. From classical to jazz to rock n roll, let the Disklavier make your home come alive with music!

Models & Key Features

  • Model DGC1
  • Ebony Polish Finish
  • 5'3" Disklavier Baby Grand Piano
  • Disklavier Live-streaming Radio Optional
  • Silent Play Function
  • Solid Spruce Soundboard
  • Dove-tail construction
  • 10 Year Parts and Labor Warranty
  • Matching Bench