Premium Piano Sale!

Premium Piano Sale!

Jordan Kitt's Music is pleased to announce the recent formation of a unique joint marketing partnership, offering the best curated selection of fine piano brands in America at savings of up to 50% and more, for a brief period of time:

Yamaha CF Concert Series, Yamaha CX Conservatory Series, Bösendorfer, Mason & Hamlin, Steingreaber & Söhne, Estonia, Pre-owned & Rebuilt Steinways, and More...

This weekend is an historic opportunity to select from the most outstanding and carefully curated collections of premium pianos ever assembled in metropolitan Washington, DC.

The following is just a partial listing of the pianos available, all at massive savings...

Bösendorfer Model 225 7'4" Grand

Yamaha Model C6X 7' Conservatory Series Grand

Mason & Hamlin Model A 5'8" Grand

Yamaha Model DGB1K E3C 5' Disklavier Player Grand

Yamaha Model CF4 6'3" Concert Series Grand

Bösendorfer Model 200 6'7" Grand

Used Steinway Model B 7' Grand

Used Steinway Model D 9' Concert Grand 

Bösendorfer Model 185 6'1" "Liszt" Limited Edition Art Case Grand

Mason & Hamlin Model 50 50" Cambridge Upright

Mason & Hamlin Model BB 7' Grand

Yamaha Model C7X 7'6" Conservatory Series Grand

Yamaha Model CF6 7' Concert Series Grand



NEW Rockville Showroom
11726 Parklawn Drive
Rockville, MD 20852
(301) 770-9081

Fairfax Showroom
8500 Lee Highway
Fairfax, VA 22031
(703) 573-6070

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