AvantGrand by Yamaha!

AvantGrand by Yamaha!

This month is AvantGrand month at Jordan Kitt's Music!

The AvantGrand hybrid pianos are perfect for the player who is looking for the beneficial elements of a digital piano, but with an authentic acoustic grand piano action. This series by Yamaha is an entirely new product category not available from any other manufacturer of musical instruments.

"It blew me away" - Chick Corea

The sound is generated through an advanced Yamaha technology called "Spatial Acoustic Sampling". By sampling sound from different parts of the acoustic piano soundboard, the "Spacial Acoustic Speaker System" projects sound from those same different areas of the AvantGrand based on where in the range the pianist is playing. This mimics the acoustics of a traditional grand piano, providing for a completely authentic piano experience.

They must be both seen and heard to fully appreciate!

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