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Jordan Kitts Music Awards Grants to Four MSMTA Teachers

MSMTA AwardOn Saturday evening, January 12 , 2013, at the MSMTA Conference held at the University of Maryland Clarice Smith Center for the Performing Arts, Jordan Kitts Music awarded four MSMTA teachers with the William J. McCormick, Jr. Grants in the amount of $400. The 2013 winners are: Susan Roberts, Linda Kazmarek, Carole Gauthier, and Bok Hwa Kim.

Martha Blakely, NCTM, Artist-in-Residence and Manager of the Jordan Kitts Music School Beltsville, and also a past MSMTA Vice-President, presented the four awards at the MSMTA Gala Concert.

William J. McCormick, Jr. began the teacher grant award program more than 23 years ago. Mr. McCormick believed that not only was education an important part of the business of piano sales, but also working with and helping local area teachers. Following in the tradition of William J. McCormick, Jr., co-owners of Jordan Kitts Music, Chris Syllaba and Ray Fugere are continuing the tradition of awarding teacher grants on a yearly basis.