280VC "Vienna Concert" 9'2" Ebony Polish

SOLD! Limited Engagement - through June 2019! This 9'2" Bosendorfer 280VC "Vienna Concert" grand (Serial #50995) has been recently selected by The American International Piano Festival and Competition for use during the upcoming competition at Catholic University of America. Over 90 contestants from around the world are participating in this event, being held in over a dozen countries.    

In recent months, the instrument has toured the East Coast in various other concerts, festivals and competitions. It has been performed on by famous musicians, including recent performances by jazz greats Cyrus Chestnut and Marcus Johnson at Duke Ellington School of the Arts, the renowned arts high school in Washington D.C.  

The instrument is being meticulously maintained by renowned Concert & Artist technicians Kevin Suzuki and Robin Olson. Arrangements can be made by appointment to audition the piano for C&A rental use or acquisition.

Models & Key Features

  • Model 280
  • 9'2" Ebony Polish
  • "Vienna Concert" Edition
  • Serial #50995
  • Austrian Spruce Soundboard
  • Resonance Case Principal
  • Inner Rim Soundboard Support
  • Independent Capo D'Astro
  • Traditional Sand Cast Plate
  • Open Pinblock Design
  • Individual Stringing
  • Artist Bench Included
  • In-home Service Package Included
  • 10 Year Parts and Labor Warranty Included