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Yamaha Silent/TransAcoustic Pianos - The Ultimate Multiple Piano-in-One Experience

The Yamaha Silent/TransAcoustic Pianos represent an entirely new category of acoustic pianos - completely exclusive to Yamaha. The line consists of both upright and grand pianos which are fully acoustic (with strings, soundboard, hammers, action, etc.) but have the ability to also be played as a digital piano.

The Silent Piano can be played acoustically just like any piano. Or, by activating the hammer stop rail, there is no acoustic sound, but the piano action triggers digitally sampled sound through headphones (or optional speakers). 

The TransAcoustic Piano can also be played acoustically or silently through headphones. Additionally, it can be played digitally with the sampled sound (strings, harpsichord, organ, piano, etc.) being projected through the actual solid spruce soundboard of the piano! 

Silent pianos are available in virutally every upright and grand model and size offered by Yamaha.TransAcoustic pianos are available in four different upright models (ranging from 48"-52") and three different baby grand models (ranging from 5'3"-6'1").

Models & Key Features

  • Silent Models:
  • Silent Uprights (b-, U- and YUS-Series) Available in Sizes from 43" to 52"
  • Silent Grands (GB-, GC- and CX-Series) Available in Sizes from 5' to 7'6"
  • TransAcoustic Models:
  • Model U1TA - 48" TransAcoustic Upright (Shown)
  • Model YUS1TA - 48" TransAcoustic Upright
  • Model YUS3TA and YUS5TA - 52" TransAcoustic Upright
  • Model GC1MTA and C1XTA - 5'3" TransAcoustic Grand
  • Model C3XTA - 6'1" TransAcoustic Grand
  • Variable Volume Play Including Silently with Headphones
  • Digital Sounds Amplified Through Soundboard (TransAcoustic)
  • Digital Sounds Amplified Through Optional Speakers (Silent)
  • 3D Sound Projection
  • Natural String Resonance
  • Acoustic and Digital Sound Layering
  • Matching Bench Included
  • 10 Year Parts and Labor Warranty Included
  • One Free In-home Tuning Included