Review of Yamaha T118 Upright Piano

Yamaha T118 Review

If you are currently a piano student, thinking of becoming one, or just looking for a quality upright piano for your home, the Yamaha T118 may just be a good fit.

Yamaha’s T118 Piano is a piano student’s dream. A quality Yamaha upright piano that doesn’t break the bank. Meticulously crafted from natural woods, the Yamaha T118 is an instrument of alluring beauty, excellent tone, and responsive touch.

As one of our top sellers, this piano provides a price to performance ratio that is unmatched by other entry-level pianos in the market today. The T118 arrives to your door seasoned specifically for the U.S. market, with a sound and tone that should last a lifetime. Yamaha uses construction techniques on this piano most brands reserve for their high-end uprights. For one, Yamaha creates a permanent crown within the solid spruce soundboard that minimizes soundboard cracking. They also reinforce the crown in its soundboards by using ribs, each of which continue to the edge of the soundboard and are glued into the notched liner. These techniques allow the T118’s sound to hold true for very long periods of time.

Sound is very important even to new piano students, and the use of solid, quarter sawn spruce wood in the Yamaha T118 makes for the best amplification of sound, tone, and sustain. Keys are balanced individually to ensure uniform down weight pressure, giving this piano impressive touch and control that is consistent across the keyboard.

And as with all Yamaha acoustic pianos, the T118 comes with their 10 year limited warranty, covering defects in both materials or workmanship for up to 10 years from your date of purchase.

Finish options include: Polished Ebony, Polished Mahogany, and Polished Dark American Walnut.

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An Event to Remember

On Tuesday, April 17th Jordan Kitt’s Music and Yamaha Corporation of America hosted a special reception and presentation at The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Guests from Music Schools, Performance Venues, and Area School Districts around the area were treated to special performances by renowned pianists Frederic Chiu and Gerald Clayton on the award winning Yamaha DCFX Concert Grand Piano.

What made these performances so special that the performers themselves weren’t even present for the event! Both pianist were actually seated at a DCFX Concert Grand Piano located at Yamaha Artist Services in New York. Thanks to Yamaha’s Remote Live Technology, concerts can be broadcast to venues all around the world, opening up wonderful new opportunities for performers everywhere.

The second part of the presentation was a sample lesson given by Frederic Chiu to Sophia Pileggi, a sophomore piano major at Catholic University. Again, Frederic was located in New York, with the student located here. Piano Instructors from local music schools were astounded with the system, and the opportunities this presents for guest lecturers, master classes, and Distance Learning opportunities for their students.

Altogether a very enjoyable evening, and we’re happy to say several performance venues will be presenting special concerts and programs to the public using this technology. Keep watching this blog space for future announcements of concerts and performances.


Brad Prentice

Jordan Kitt’s Music