Bosendorfer 170VC Disklavier Enspire 5'7" Disklavier Enspire PRO

This exclusive Bosendorfer 170VC Disklavier Enspire is the ultimate player piano that can play live performances and record your own playing, both in high resolution at the touch of the screen on your smart phone or iPad.

High definition meets the original Viennese sound - listen to the grand works of great masters of piano music with Disklavier Enspire PRO player technology developed by Yamaha. 

Listen to Rachmaninoff playing his own works, wonder about the mystical interpretations of Anton Rubinstein, or groove to Oscar Peterson’s tunes. The Bosendorfer Disklavier Edition comes with more than 1.000 recordings of many different styles and genres.

Piano enthusiasts can enjoy this instrument in many ways: playing themselves, listening from a library of performances, recording their own performances, or playing silently with headphones using the exclusive Silent System.

Prior to delivery, the instrument will go through a complete concert prep and tuning by the renowned DC area concert technician, Robin Olson. The matching bench for this serial numbered instrument is included, as is the first free tuning in the home after delivery.

Founded in 1828 by Ignaz Bosendorfer in Vienna, Austria, this venerable piano manufacturer has been hand-crafting the finest, most exclusive pianos in the world for nearly two centuries. Producing less than 250 exquisite instruments per year, the company blends Viennese piano making tradition with the latest in scale designs, touch response and tonal beauty.

Models & Key Features

  • Model 170VC
  • "Vienna Concert" Edition
  • 5'7" Disklavier Enspire PRO Player Grand
  • High-resolution Playback and Recording
  • Silent Play System
  • Austrian Spruce Soundboard
  • Resonance Case Principal
  • Inner Rim Soundboard Support
  • Independent Capo D'Astro
  • Traditional Sand Cast Plate
  • Open Pinblock Design
  • Individual Stringing
  • Artist Bench Included
  • In-home Service Package Included
  • 10 Year Parts and Labor Warranty Included