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Yamaha P-Series Uprights - Traditional School Specification Studio Uprights

Yamaha P-Series Uprights are studio height upright pianos that have been a staple of school piano inventories (especially K-12) for well over 50 years. The piano satisfies all of the required specifications for school instruments where a higher level of quality and durability are required. Just introduced, the brand new P22D is the latest version of this fabled piano model.

Because of this overall durability, full tone and touch, understated satin finish cabinetry and value, they have become equally sought after for discriminating homeowners. This is the perfect instrument for a home where a big, imposing shiny black upright is not desirable.

This line has a long history of superior design, quality materials and precise manufacturing. At the same time, Yamaha's commitment to extensive research and development has kept this model regularily updated over the years to constantly improve the tone and touch.

The P-Series consists of a 45" tall studio upright in 3 different finishes - ebony satin, walnut satin and dark oak satin.

All of the P-Series pianos come with matching benches and Yamaha's 10 year parts and labor warranty. Each piano is fully prepped and tuned prior to delivery by a Jordan Kitt's trained staff technician, with a second complimentary tuning in the home within 60 days after delivery.

Models & Key Features

  • Model P22D - 45" Studio Upright
  • Walnut Satin, Ebony Satin and Dark Oak Satin Finishes (Walnut Shown)
  • Solid Spruce Soundboard
  • Yamaha-designed Action
  • Toe-block Leg Design
  • Humid-A-Seal Pinblock
  • Dove-tail Construction
  • Ten Year Parts and Labor Warranty Included
  • Matching Bench Included
  • One On-site Tuning Included