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Yamaha Conservatory CX Grands - Legendary Grands for Institutions and Homes

The Conservatory CX Grands represent the latest designs in Yamaha's legendary "Conservatory Series". These pianos are an absolute staple in Universities, Colleges, Music Schools and Conservatories around the world. Consequently, they are also extremely sought after in homes where a serious pianist requires higher quality, a full spectrum of tonal resonance and a highly responsive action.

This piano series, originally developed in 1967 as the "C-series Conservatory Grands", has now been re-introduced as the new and vastly improved CX-series. Born of the newly designed hand-built 9' CFX Concert Grand that was first introduced in 2009 after 19 years in research and development, the CX conservatory piano is an extraordinary grand of the highest quality. The target market is both the serious amatuer player as well as the professional musician or student.

These instruments boast features like German FFW hammer felt, German Pitten piano wire and European AAA grade solid spruce soundboards, all contributing to a sweeter sound. The apex of the soundboard crown is situated precisely based on where the highest stress exists, dictated individually by model. The bridges and ribs are cut on bias to perfectly match the curvature of the soundboard.

Each CX piano is prepped prior to delivery by a Jordan Kitt's staff technician (not outsourced to contractors). The artist bench is included, as is the 10 year parts and labor warranty and first free tuning in the home.

Models & Key Features

  • Model C1X - 5'3" Baby Grand
  • Model C2X - 5'8" Baby Grand
  • Model C3X - 6'1" Grand (Shown)
  • Model C5X - 6'7" Grand
  • Model C6X - 7' Semi Concert Grand
  • Model C7X - 7'6" Semi Concert Grand
  • Solid European Spruce Soundboard
  • Unique Yamaha Bridge and Rib Design
  • German FFW Hammer Felt
  • German Pitten Strings
  • Dove-tail construction
  • 10 Year Parts and Labor Warranty Included
  • Matching Artist Bench Included
  • One Free In-home Tuning Included