The most innovative player piano system for acoustic grand and vertical pianos. Easily installed on either a brand new piano or the existing instrument in your home.

PianoDisc ProRecord QT Turns An Acoustic Piano Into a Silent-play and Recording Piano!

The PianoDisc ProRecord QT "Quiet Time" system allows recording and silent-play features to be added to any acoustic piano. Any new grand or upright piano can come equipped with a ProRecord Quiet Time system, or you can add it to your own piano at home - either grand or upright.

With the silent play mode activated, the acoustic sound is muted and a digitally sampled concert grand sound is heard by the player through headphones (or external speakers). Many additional sound options like strings, choir, harpsichord, organ, etc are also included in the soundbank. 

With the record mode, a simple one-touch record option instantly reproduces the player's performance with full touch sensitivity, capturing all the nuances of the player's performance. Multiple songs can be stored internally or externally.

With ProRecord QT you have three pianos in one: An acoustic piano, a silent-play (digital) piano and a recording piano.

PianoDisc is the world's number one selling player piano system and can be professionally installed into virtually any new or pre-owned piano.

Models & Key Features

  • ProRecord QT
  • Record and Silent-play System
  • 1024 Levels of Expression
  • 88 Note Full Playback
  • Multiple Sounds
  • Multiple Song Storage
  • Retrofit Possible With Most Upright and Grand Acoustic Pianos