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Ace Ugai

Piano Technician’s Guild holds annual DC Chapter meeting at Jordan Kitt’s Music

On Monday, March 12th the Piano Technician’s Guild held their annual meeting at the Jordan Kitt’s Music Showroom and Music Education Center in Rockville, Maryland.

The event featured Yamaha Concert and Artist Master Technician Ace Ugai and a fine Yamaha CFX Concert Grand. Ace called his class: “A Master’s Approach to Performance Preparation.”

Ace Ugai and action removed from a Yamaha CFX concert grand piano.

In his words, a master of the craft must include consideration of the room acoustics ,tuning and action regulation specifically tailored for those conditions. The class identified the sounds and effects to look for, and demonstrated how to listen, evaluate and manipulate all of those facets.

Robin Olson

Mr. Ugai and PTG DC Chapter President Robin Olson

The Piano Technicians Guild, Inc. is the largest non-profit organization serving piano tuners, technicians, and craftsmen throughout the world. Formed in 1957 by the merger of the American Society of Piano Technicians and the National Association of Piano Tuners, the Guild was organized to promote the highest possible service and technical standards among piano tuners and technicians.

The Washington DC Chapter was the first chapter in the Piano Technicians Guild (PTG). We have approximately 70 members in our chapter and over half of our members are Registered Piano Technicians. A Registered Piano Technician (RPT) is a piano technician who has passed a series of rigorous tests given by the PTG.

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piano tuning

It’s important to tune your piano…

Any piano not properly cared for can still be put to a lot of good uses, but not necessarily the focal point of warmth and beauty in your home that you originally intended.

Every acoustic piano has thousands of moving parts, some of which directly collide with each other in an incredibly precise environment held in place by enormous pressure.

Small, unattended variances over time can create increasingly larger problems that can degrade a piano’s tone, touch and performance in such a way that might not even recognize how great it used to sound when it was properly tuned and regulated.

Make sure you keep it healthy with a tuning today from Jordan Kitt’s Music, keeping pianos sounding great for over a hundred years.

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