Jordan Kitt’s in the Washington Post


Our Music school was recognized by the Washington Post for celebrating a century of musical arts education!

Except below:

Melissa McMahon of Silver Springs is teaching Sofia Garcia, 9, how to count. Sofia’s hot pink Chuck Taylors swing back and forth as she follows along in the workbook. The baby grand Yamaha piano is quiet for a few minutes while McMahon teaches Sofia about the proper piano finger form. Sofia used only one hand to stroke the keys; the other was in her lap, as if it was weighed down by her metal gray bracelet.

“I want them to establish good technique, that starts with curving your fingers,” McMahon said. “If you form the right habits in the first place, then you won’t have to worry about breaking bad habits further down the line.”

Music teachers such as McMahon have become a valuable part of Jordan Kitt’s Music as the company celebrates its centennial with a greater attention on music education. Founded in 1912 as Jordan Piano Company by Arthur Jordan and Homer L. Kitt, the two businessmen established a chain of piano stores that rented and sold pianos to organizations such as the White House, the Kennedy Center, and the National Symphony Orchestra.

“Education is something that has always been involved in the company”, said Chris Syllaba, president and chief executive of Jordan Kitt’s Music. “We like teaching kids music. It’s obviously important to us that education reaches the children.”


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