Music makes you smarter…


Want your kids to be smarter and do better in school? Maybe you should buy them a guitar for Christmas or a set of drums, especially if they struggle with math.

Amy Allen at Harmony Road Music School in Paducah says the earlier you start exposing children to music the better. She even has classes for newborn babies and their moms which are a combination of music and massage.

Local 6 visited the class “Toddler Tunes” for those 18 months to 3 years of age.

“We have instruments to play. We give them pianos to play a little bit. We move and use a lot of scarves. Anything that gets them actively engaged with the music,” Allen says.

And because everything about music is related to language, timing and beat, kids are learning how to count, how to process language and how to listen.

“Children who are in pre-school music have better memory skills and it’s been show they’re emotionally better off, socially better off. It helps with listening,” says Allen.

Katie Enlow who took piano lessons from Allen when she was a little girl, now has her two sons enrolled in pre-school music classes. She thinks both of them talked very early because of it.

But let’s take it to a college level. A recent report on college bound seniors found those with music training scored 50 points higher on their verbal SAT, and 36 points higher in the math portion.

Allen says it’s partly due to the discipline required to learn an instrument, but studies show music itself also shapes the brain, forming neural connections that make us smarter.

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