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Roland GP

The Roland GP Series: Timeless Elegance…

The GP series represents the pinnacle of Roland piano development, merging our advanced technologies with finely crafted grand piano designs that bring elegance and grandeur to any space.

The GP series features Roland’s finest piano sound engines to date. Advanced modeling technology reproduces the complete sound-generating properties of an acoustic grand, from the soundboard material and frame to the strings, hammers, and much more. The result is a truly authentic piano experience, fully connecting the player with the sound in the most organic and satisfying way

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Roland GP-3

Introducing the New Roland GP-3 Digital Grand Piano!

The GP-3 is the most compact and affordable grand in the acclaimed GP series, bringing you premium piano performance in a unique low-profile design that makes a statement in any living space. Roland’s modern features and benefits are infused throughout, from the organic piano sound engine and responsive hammer-action keyboard to onboard recording, Bluetooth audio/MIDI connectivity, and deep integration with the Roland Piano App. If you’ve always wanted a grand piano but thought you didn’t have the space or budget to make it happen, the GP-3 turns your dream into reality.

Standard Features

  • Compact grand piano with a low-profile footprint and shallow depth (698 mm/27.5 in.) for tight living spaces
  • Elegant gloss black finish and finely crafted details
  • Premium Roland technologies come together to deliver a complete piano experience
  • Exceptional piano sound and response realized through an advanced Roland sound engine
  • Authentic grand piano touch with an 88-note keyboard with hammer-action, escapement, and Ivory Feel materials
  • Sustain, soft, and sostenuto pedals with support for half-pedal techniques
  • Custom stereo speaker system delivers immersive sound  
  • Connect a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth to play along with favorite songs and work with MIDI music apps
  • Control GP-3 features, explore lessons, and much more with the companion Roland Piano App
  • Metronome, recorder, and dual headphones jacks for daily practice
  • USB ports for connecting with computers and flash storage devices

Compact Elegance for Modern Living

The GP-3 is a marvel to behold, fusing traditional grand piano luxury with a streamlined design that’s only possible with a modern digital instrument. With a front-to-back depth of just 698 mm/27.5 inches, it easily fits where larger pianos can’t. The striking black gloss finish, classic curves, and fine details convey sophistication and grace, while the slim cabinet projects a commanding presence that belies its modest footprint.

A Complete Piano Experience

Embedded inside the GP-3’s elegant exterior is a complex piano ecosystem born of decades of Roland development. Every element works together to deliver a complete piano experience, from the sound engine, keyboard, and pedals to the custom speaker system. And with easy volume control, mobile device connectivity, and other digital benefits, the GP-3 is a perfect fit for today’s lifestyles.    

Magnificent Tone and Touch

Roland’s proprietary piano sound technology authentically reproduces the living response and complex tonal colors of a genuine acoustic grand. That’s supported by an 88-note keyboard with progressive hammer action, escapement, Ivory Feel material, and dynamic acceleration sensors, putting the same touch beneath your fingers as a concert-grade acoustic instrument. Sustain, soft, and sostenuto pedals round out the grand experience, with true weighted feel and detection for traditional half-pedal techniques.

Immersive Sound

The GP-3 features an integrated stereo speaker system specially tuned for top-quality sound and maximum projection from the low-profile cabinet design. Powerful amplification and advanced sonic processing deliver an immersive, room-filling piano experience for the player and listeners. You can even adjust the overall tone color by opening the lid and setting it to different positions—just like an acoustic grand.

Wireless Connectivity

With onboard Bluetooth, it’s easy to elevate your piano enjoyment with mobile devices. Stream songs from your music library through the piano’s speaker system to play along or provide background when relaxing or entertaining. Or use Bluetooth MIDI with music production apps to wirelessly compose using the GP-3’s responsive weighted keyboard. USB ports are also available for connecting with computers and flash storage devices, providing more ways to explore your creativity and share music performances. 

Roland Piano App

The Roland Piano App seamlessly extends the GP-3 experience with remote operation from your smartphone or tablet. Select sounds, control the metronome, and use the recording feature to evaluate your playing and hear where you need to improve. Browse the piano’s onboard song library and call up digital scores to learn them at your own pace. And motivate yourself with lesson features that include an activity log with goals, flash card games, rhythm exercises, and a One Week Master program that guides you through learning different piano pieces.

More Digital Advantages

With its digital heart, the GP-3 brings you a world of advantages over a traditional acoustic piano. Volume control is within easy reach, and you can connect headphones to play anytime without disturbing others. Twin Piano mode enables you to play alongside a family member, friend, or teacher. And with no need for tuning and regular maintenance, the GP-3 will always sound as perfect as the day you bring it home.

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Roland Digital Grand

Holiday Savings at Jordan Kitt’s Music!

There’s still time to save and get delivery in time for the holidays:

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• Save on certified used pianos from the world’s most famous names

• Save $3,100 on the year’s final shipment of the world’s most popular grand piano from Yamaha

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The benefits of learning piano as an adult

Think you’re too old to learn piano? Learning to play piano as an adult has many advantages.

Contributed by Belinda Williams for the Roland Australia Blog

It might feel like you’re behind the eight ball when choosing to learn piano as an adult, but the opposite is actually true. The benefits of learning piano as an adult can be incredibly rewarding and you might discover things you never expected.

You’re the boss and you can choose how you learn

As adults, we all have so many responsibilities including work, family and parenting. Life can often feel like an endless list of to-do tasks. That’s the refreshing thing about learning piano as an adult. You’re learning because you want to, not because someone told you to!

When you decide to learn piano as an adult you’re in control of the entire experience. You can choose when and how you practice and what sort of songs you play. For more on what to expect when learning piano as an adult, you can also read our blog post here.

Learning piano as an adult is good for you

So often as adults we’re told to do things because they are good for us: exercise, the right amount of sleep, eating well . . . the list goes on. One of the benefits of learning to play piano as an adult is that not only is it fun, it’s good for you too. Sitting down to play a tune after a long day at work can be a great stress reliever. I find that as someone who is an over-thinker and a worrier, nothing beats playing piano to keep me in the moment and to give me a much-needed break.

Scientists have also found that learning a musical instrument when you’re an adult helps to make the brain more efficient. This even extends to protecting against dementia as we get older. So it really doesn’t matter how old you are, the piano is an instrument you can play for life

Piano can be a fun, creative outlet – even for adults

When was the last time you did something because it was fun? Often as adults we forget to make time for fun like we did as kids and piano can be a great way to factor some play time into your life.

Piano also allows you to be creative with absolutely no demands. As a writer, my professional life is creative, but that comes with deadlines and demands. Nothing beats being creative just for creativity’s sake. Often at the end of a busy day of writing, I’ll play piano and sometimes I’ll even end up writing a new song just because I can! Even if your job isn’t creative, piano can be a fantastic outlet to let your creative juices flow outside of work.

There’s no pressure when you learn piano as an adult

Possibly one of the best things about learning piano as an adult is there’s no pressure. You only have to pass an exam or perform if you want to. Everything else is up to you. In fact, when else in life can you choose to follow your heart without any risks? If you’re considering learning piano as an adult, I recommend seizing the day.

About Belinda Williams

Belinda is a pianist, songwriter and singer who performs in a cover band whenever the opportunity allows. By day, she writes professionally as a marketing copywriter and fiction author. She enjoys nothing better than combining her love for music and love for words.

Learn more about lessons for adults here!

Introducing the new Music Technology Center at Jordan Kitt’s Music in Richmond!

After an extensive remodeling, Jordan Kitt’s Music in Richmond has just opened the doors of a new Music Technology Center at its showroom on West Broad Street.

The new Music Technology Center at Jordan Kitt’s Music in Richmond

It’s a space dedicated to displaying, performing and learning about the the most recent advancements in digital piano and piano technology.

Includes the most advanced AvantGrand, Hybrid and Clavinova models available.

Models to see, hear and learn about include AvantGrands, Hybrids, Clavinova, TransAcoustic, Silent & Disklavier player pianos from Yamaha, makers of the pianos and digital pianos overwhelmingly preferred by the world’s most famous artists.

Private appointments are available to play and compare these models together in a space designed specifically to demonstrate their extraordinary and unique capabilities, and to learn how to integrate the latest in piano and keyboard technology into your home, school, institution or business.

Call (804) 364-4488 for more information

Clarissa Bevilacqua

International Performing Artist Clarissa Bevilacqua will perform a Solo Violin Concert at Catholic University of America’s Ward Hall on Saturday, September 24th, 2022 at 4pm.

All are invited to join us we welcome Clarissa back to the United States with a very special one day concert engagement before she returns to her performance schedule overseas.

The event is free, sponsored by Jordan Kitt’s Music and the Benjamin T. Rome School of Music, Drama and Art, and will feature Clarissa’s extraordinary talents in a unique setting on campus.

Clarissa debuted at the Pritzker Pavilion in Chicago in front of ten thousand people when she was nine years old. Since then, she has performed solo recitals and concerto engagements at venues throughout North America and Europe.

Recent and upcoming soloist performances include the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, Cape Symphony, Orchestra della Toscana, Orchestra Filarmonica di Benevento, Orchestra di Padova e del Veneto, Orchestra UniMi, El Sistema Orchestra, and the Salzburger Orchester Solisten.

Get more information or RSVP for this event here!

Clarissa at the International Mozart Competition in Salzburg

Harry Potter Cristofori Piano

Cristofori takes the stage at Merriweather with the BSO for the Music of Harry Potter !

A Cristofori CRG62L Full Grand was chosen for the recent performance of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone™ in Columbia, MD.

Ron Spigelman, Conductor, and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra took the stage at Merriweather Post Pavilion for a special evening of music and magic to perform John William’s enchanting score for a spellbound audience.

For more information about this piano, visit, or find out more about events at Merriweather Here!

The Yamaha CFX takes the stage at the Washington International Piano Festival

Jordan Kitt’s extraordinary Yamaha CFX Concert Grand Piano took the stage multiple times during this week’s Washington International Piano Festival, going on now through August 6th in the nation’s capital.

The CFX is the centerpiece of Yamaha’s premier concert performance series, and Jordan Kitt’s was the proud provider of the instrument to the festival, as well as the first piano retailer nationally to sell and deliver one to a proud new owner.

More about these rare and amazing instruments can be found here, and for more information or tickets to the WIPF, visit here!

Frederic Chiu

JKM Master Technician Robin Olson on our friend Frederic Chiu

A nice article by Robin Olson in the recent Piano Technician’s Guild Foundation Focus Newsletter on our friend and Yamaha Artist Frederic Chiu

Frederic Chiu, featured pianist at the 2022 PTG Convention and Institute.

Yes, you read that correctly. This summer the Annual Convention and Institute will feature well-known pianist and educator Frederic Chiu participating in several activities. Besides being an excellent pianist, Mr. Chiu enjoys talking about technical aspects of piano work with piano students and piano technicians. This year’s Foundation Concert on Wednesday night will feature Chiu performing an interactive concert program called “Classical Smackdown: Heart and Soul, with music of Debussy and Prokofiev.” This concert will prove to be a fun way to look at classical piano music, and the audience will be able to vote for their favorite composer. Prior to the concert on Wednesday there will be a special fourth-period class called “A Master Class in Concert Prep.” It will be a panel discussion moderated by Eric Johnson, RPT, with four experienced masters in the concert field: Kathy Smith, RPT, Steve Brady, RPT, Ferdinand Braeu, and Frederick Chiu. Chiu and Braeu will be able to give us a firsthand account of their work together as they will have completed their preparation for the Foundation concert that
evening. An interesting fact is that the piano Chiu will be playing is a Bösendorfer 280VC
concert grand, and it will be the first time he has ever performed on a Bosendorfer VC.
The evolution of this idea began at Lancaster, when at the end of a class on concert
preparation, Eric Johnson treated us to a phone call with pianist Garrick Ohlsson, who talked about his experience performing at different venues and how a well-prepared piano is essential for a good performance. That was my first year on the institute committee, and I decided then that when I became director, I would create a similar class with a well-known pianist in attendance. And as long as we would be getting a concert pianist to come to the convention, I thought, why not have him play a concert? Then in Tucson, Institute Director Douglas Laing, who used a theme related to historical instruments, had a special Foundation concert with pianist Malcom Bilson performing on several historic fortepianos. This set a precedent for what I believe to be an institute theme-related concert on the first night of the institute. Since my theme
for this year is based on the idea that every technician can learn from concert tuning experiences, I found that selecting Frederic Chiu to perform a concert and participate in a class was fitting. Mr. Chiu has written articles and given lectures at other organizations on various aspects of piano technology and how they relate to pianists. The art of communicating with a pianist is an essential skill for all technicians, whether they are on the concert stage, at a teacher’s studio, or at the home of a serious pianist. Knowing how a pianist thinks about a piano and what we can do to facilitate that relationship will make us better technicians with happier clients. I also want to mention and thank Yamaha Corporation for providing the wonderful Bösendorfer VC and the services of Mr. Ferdinand Braeu from the Vienna Bösendorfer factory. Mr. Braeu started working in the factory in 1978 and has been a concert technician, technical teacher, manager, and director in the fields of manufacturing, product development, and artist relations. He has worked with artists such as Sir Andras Schiff, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Alfred
Brendl, Oscar Peterson, Chick Corea, and many others. His experience working with these artists and his hand in the development of the VC make him the perfect choice to be part of this special concert. For many of us, this will be our first opportunity to hear the fantastic Bösendorfer VC 280 “up close and personal.” As piano technicians, we go to piano concerts as much to hear the piano as we go to hear a particular pianist. So here is another good reason to make the trip to California this summer!
In addition to the Wednesday activities, Frederic Chiu will be part of a Disklavier
Presentation at Friday night’s Yamaha Party. On Thursday, Mr. Chiu will assist Steve Brady in a special class called “What Difference Does It Make?” In this class Steve will demonstrate, with the help of Frederic’s playing, how subtle changes to a piano can have a big effect on the feel and sound of the piano.

I want to thank the PTG Foundation for their generous financial contribution to this
event, and RPTs Fred Sturm and Douglas Laing for their enthusiastic support of this idea. Many thanks to Barbara Cassaday for her efforts in working on all the details to arrange for the funding for this event. I also want to thank David Durben, RPT, of Yamaha Corp. for his enthusiasm with the project and his help in making this a reality.
I hope this article will give you another reason to want to attend the 2022 PTG
Convention and Technical Institute this summer. The institute committee has created an excellent array of classes and instructors covering all aspects of piano service.

June 22 Foundation Focus
PTG Anaheim 2022 Artist in Residence
By Robin Olson, RPT, 2022 Institute Director

Eastern Shore

Steinway dedication at Eastern Shore Chapel

Jordan Kitt’s was pleased to provide the new piano to Eastern Shore Chapel in Virginia Beach.

The recently acquired Steinway model B will be dedicated in the sanctuary of Eastern Shore Chapel Episcopal Church, Virginia Beach.

Hampton Virginia native, Donald Lee, III, will share his gifts and talents on Sunday, July 31. He will share a musical offering in our 10:30 a.m. worship service, and
he will present a 90-minute concert at 4:00 p.m. that afternoon.

Please save the date, and plan to spend your morning in worship followed by a
lovely afternoon concert in our beautiful worship space listening to classical and
sacred piano selections.

Mr. Lee currently serves as the pianist / conductor for the Lyric Opera of Chicago.
He is an alumnus of James Madison University and the University of Cincinnati
College-Conservatory of Music. He is also a proud alumnus of the school and
church music programs he experienced as a child and youth.

The dedication will take place at:

Eastern Shore Chapel Episcopal Church
2020 Laskin Road, Virginia Beach, Virginia
July 31, 2022, 4:00 PM