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Yamaha NU1X Hybrid (SOLD)

SOLD! Recently traded in, this Yamaha NU1X Hybrid is one of the hottest Yamaha products on the market today. It is a current model.

This instrument is a cross between an acoustic piano (fully acoustic upright piano action) and a digital piano (digitally sampled sound). Since it has no strings or soundboard, there is no tuning necessary, ever.

This particular one is in new condition and comes with the matching bench and warranty.

Also consider Yamaha's entire line of hybrid and AvantGrand Pianos most with traditional acoustic grand piano actions.


  • Model NU1X
  • Upright Hybrid Piano
  • Ebony Polish Finish
  • Acoustic Upright Piano Action
  • Spacial Acoustic Sampling with Yamaha and Bösendorfer Samples
  • Spacial Acoustic Speaker System
  • 256 Note Polyphony
  • Built-in Recording Functionality
  • No Tuning Needed
  • Warranty Included
  • Matching Bench Included
  • Intro Lesson Package Included
  • Serial #: UZZM01015
  • Our Price: $4,299
  • New Price: $7,699

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